Debate: Nuclear power will ultimately destroy the world

(Arguments In Against Part-1)

  “Nuclear power will ultimately destroy the world”

as you see it’s the topic of this debate and now according to this topic it seems that the final result of the use of nuclear power will be unexpected as (according to the topic) it will finally destroy the world. But undoubtedly, I can say that this conclusion is inspired by only and only the negativity of terrorism, besides of this there is no other reason that makes this topic so engaging and sensitive.

Just, in contrast with the topic of debate, I want to put my point of view that’s why I’m in against:
  1. I think nuclear power is only option to meet the rapidly growing energy demands with the growth of technology and population.
  2. It is environmentally friendly as it fights global warming.
  3. It posses no radiation effect on nuclear workers or nearby residents due to multilayer protection shield.
  4. A proper Treatment of the radioactive waste minimizes the radiation issue.
  5. Accidental history is negligible as compared to hydro power.

Now the first thing (before making any decision about nuclear power and its results) you must be aware of it, is the real process of production of the electric power from nuclear power. So now to understand the advantage and disadvantage of nuclear power firstly let me illustrate the mechanism of the production of electric power from the nuclear power. ie.

Mechanism of the production of electric power

“Nuclear power is a nuclear technology to extract usable energy from atomic nuclei via controlled nuclear reactions. The most common method today is through nuclear fission. This method involves heating of water which is then converted into mechanical work, for the purpose of generating electricity. This process completely occurs inside a multilayer protected nuclear reactor.”


Multilayer protection?

Here by multilayer protection I mean, 

Firstly the six-feet-thick reinforced concrete containment vessel protects the nuclear contents from the outside as well as inside.

Secondly, the latest technologies are used to make the smoke free from radiation and completely free of green house gases before releasing in environment.

Third, the treatment of nuclear waste is made up by putting them in very deep portion of the earth which eliminates the fear of radiation and minimize the chances of stolen the nuclear waste.

Fourth, the nuclear plants are generally established in possibly low temperature areas for greater efficiency of production.

Fifth, the maximum numbers of power plants are built with keeping the safety and earthquakes in mind. And many other technical safety layers also take place. So finally, these safety layers provide us pollution and radiation free electric power. 



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